Going back to the motherland

Going back to the motherland

4 Steps to Make Your Parents More Likely to Let You Go on a Clubbing Holiday

by Diane Wells

If you and your friends are considering going on a clubbing holiday but haven't yet left home, it's more than likely that you'll need to run the idea past your parents in order to receive permission, money, or both. Unfortunately, it can often be a tough sell. Parents will naturally worry about letting you go off by yourself, and they do have a right to be concerned. That's why you need to take the four steps listed below in order to make the proposition sound as reasonable, safe, and thought-out as possible.

1. Consider Your Timing

Very few parents are going to let you go on a clubbing holiday a week before your exams start, even if it is your 18th birthday. For the best results, try picking a time that falls after your major academic commitments. This will be good for you since you'll be able to relax and blow off steam after all of your work has been completed, and your parents are less likely to see it as something that could interfere with your studies.

2. Arrange and Stick to Call Times

Parents are putting quite a lot of faith in you if they let you go on a clubbing holiday, so make sure they don't regret it. When you first pitch the idea, let them know that you'll be calling them at a certain time every day or two. This will let them know that you understand their need to see if you're okay. It might seem like a tedious chore to stick to those call times, but remember to do so if you'd like to go on another clubbing holiday next year.

3. Consider a Joint Holiday

This might not be an ideal solution, but, if all else fails, consider going on a joint holiday. Most clubbing locations are right on the beach, so there's usually a couple of resorts within the same kind of area that cater to older people. Your parents might not let you go alone, but they might be more amenable if you go together and then stay in different resorts. They won't interfere with your good times, but they'll know that you're close by.

4. Go with a Specialist Company

If you're looking into a clubbing holiday, it's usually best to go with an all-inclusive company rather than arranging it yourself. You're likely to save money, for one thing, and specialist companies will know exactly how to make your trip as fun as possible. They also provide a touch of safety that parents will find comforting. Anything from airport transfers to hotel bookings will be handled for you, and parents will have a professional point-of-contact in case they need to get in touch.

Remember, your parents are under no obligation to let you go on a clubbing holiday. You need to plan things out well and cover all the necessary bases in order to convince them that you're ready.


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Going back to the motherland

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